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Covid-19 Secure Policy

The world is a very different place since the Coronavirus pandemic and so we wanted to reassure that you can have confidence when booking a stay with us. The health of our guests is paramount.

The stunning Yorkshire Moors are an ideal location with so much clean air, acres of unspoilt countryside not to mention the fantastic coastline on your doorstep!

As previous guests will know we have always had extremely high standards of cleanliness so we haven't had to make many changes with regards to cleaning systems but as detailed above we have invested in a fogging machine which will be used in each bedroom/bathroom every time a guest vacates. We will do our usual deep clean then use the fogging machine, which sprays every surface in the entire room with a fine disinfectant mist which dries within minutes. This means even the inside of drawers, coat hangers, hairdryer and tea tray can be all sanitised at once giving you extra peace of mind! We really are doing everything within our means to make your stay with us as safe and enjoyable as possible!

We also only employ one member of staff so there will only ever be a maximum of three people who have contact with you, the bedrooms, the food we serve and the cleaning we do.

Our linen is professionally laundered.

We use a high standard of all cleaning products from reputable suppliers.

You will find details below of the actions we are taking to keep us all safe following the completion of a risk assessment. The policy is based on current Government guidance for hospitality businesses. As their advice changes we will update this document.

We have changed some of the things we do to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. Please read through the list as some of these changes will effect your stay. We have tried to retain our high quality product and little touches where possible and can reassure you that a great experience will still be had.

Before you arrive

As per Government advice please do not travel to us if you or anyone in your party is showing any of the symptoms of Coronavirus (i.e. fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell). For your confidence in booking all reservations are currently flexible and can be moved to another date.

Your agreement that you will follow our temporary new procedures and extra measures whilst on our premises is kindly requested.


Most of our guests arrive by car and we always have ample parking space directly outside the B&B. On arrival please call the B&B on 07387 709474. If you cannot do this then use the intercom at the front door and we will sanitise it after you have used it.

Check in

We may contact you prior to arrival to ask you for an estimated arrival time to avoid guests arriving at the same time. A member of staff will open the main door at Reception for you from the inside and then move back at least two meters so you can safely enter the B&B. There will be hand sanitiser at the door which you will be required to use. Once you have checked in there is another entrance at the other end of the building that you will use to enter and exit the B&B using your keep fob. Please use the sanitiser at both entrances whenever you enter or leave the B&B.

All documentation is usually completed on line so there should be nothing to complete or sign. Your key will be sanitised after the last guest has left and will be placed on a sanitised shelf for you to collect. Instead of showing you to your room we will now direct you instead.

There is a comprehensive Room Information pack in the room which for your safety has been printed especially for you and will be recycled on your departure.

We offer you a complimentary drink on arrival. This can be served to your bedroom or if the weather is nice you can sit outside in the seating area and we will sanitise the benches once you have left.


We are lucky as we have one corridor which is very wide at some points and all of our rooms are on the ground floor so no bumping into other guests on the stairs. The corridor is wide enough to socially distance so if you see other guests you can either stand back against the wall to let them pass or go back into your room.

Your Bedroom

A welcome letter in the room will explain the room service policy. The remote control will be in new sealed plastic bag so that we can dispose of the bag and replace for the next guest.

The decorative cushions and bed runners will be removed from the bedrooms to make cleaning and sanitising easier. All white linen and towels will be commercially laundered using very high temperatures and strong chemicals.

Our tea tray may be simplified to minimise the number of items you touch but all items are still available.

We have decided to use disposable cups and spoons in the bedrooms to keep guests and staff safe even though this is of extra cost to us.

We would ask you wash your hands using the soap provided on both entering and leaving your bedroom.


As previous guests will know, we have always had extremely high standards of cleanliness so we haven't had to make many changes with regards to cleaning systems, but as detailed above we have invested in a fogging machine which will be used in each bedroom/bathroom, every time a guest vacates. We will complete our usual deep clean, then use the fogging machine which sprays every surface in the entire room with a fine disinfectant mist.

All contact around your personal belongings, making your bed, cleaning your bathroom is seen as to risky. We have therefore put a place in system where you will still receive fresh milk daily, along with any consumable items such as toilet rolls and tea bags.

We regret that we cannot clean your room if you are staying with us for less than four nights. If you are staying for more than four nights on the fifth day you will be offered cleaning but it is up to you if you would like it or not.

We ask that you empty your own bin and place sealed bags outside the door for collection.

We will leave any requested items outside your door and your fresh milk will be delivered to your room with your breakfast.

Any staff member cleaning your room will be wearing PPE including a face mask, plastic apron and nitrile gloves. A new set of PPE will be used for each room and then disposed of so as to prevent cross contamination. New cleaning cloths will be used for each room.

Obviously we will wash our hands extremely frequently.


Some things have had to be changed like our breakfast service. We will no longer have the cold buffet and a la carte breakfast option, instead we will be delivering a continental breakfast to your room each morning with an additional hot option if required.

We feel that it will be to difficult to keep our guests and staff safe if we continue to use the conservatory for breakfast service. If guidelines change in the future and we feel we can safely utilise the conservatory then we will do so.

Menus will be left in your room printed on paper for single use. Condiments will now be in individual size portions and all plates, cups and cutlery will be disposable.

We will knock on your door and leave a breakfast tray on the table outside your room. After breakfast please put the tray back on the table. At this point you can leave your sealed bag of rubbish with the tray if you wish to, along with your breakfast order for the following day.

Check out

Before you check out please open the windows for ventilation and leave out hairdryers and anything else you have used during your stay.

If we need to use the credit card machine it will be in a bag that can be disposed of after use.

Your key can be left in the box on reception.

Depending on the number of guests checking out we may request you to stagger check out times.


Should you feel unwell during your stay with any of the common Coronavirus symptoms then you must notify us immediately. Consistent with Government guidelines, you will be asked to check out immediately in order to self-isolate at your home address. Should your symptoms become worse you should seek medical advice. Where travel is not possible, you will be liable for all costs incurred by us and extra nights and/or services provided.

70% alcohol hand sanitiser will be at both entrances to the B&B along with disinfectant wipes. Please open the door using a wipe so that you do not need to touch the handles.

We have a contactless entry system on the door you will be using and would request that once you have unlocked the door with your key fob you then open the door using your elbow.

Should you decide to sit in the outside seating area please remember to remain at least one metre from other guests.

On hearing the fire alarm please evacuate to the car park as normal and where possible remain at least a metre away from other guests.

All deliveries are sanitised on arrival and we wash our hands after touching them. We have had very limited trips away from the business since the 23rd March and limit our contact with non-guests, always staying at least two metres apart.

Should we find coronavirus on site or one of us as owners are tested positive or need to self-isolate, we may need to cancel your booking at short notice. Where this happens, a full refund or alternative date will be offered.

Whilst out and about during your stay, please maintain social distancing or wear a face mask where applicable. (You will need to supply your own face mask as they will not be provided by the us).

The above represents a sample of the new health and safety measures being implemented at The Blacksmiths B&B. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to offer an overview of how we are working to safeguard the health and well-being of guests and staff. All standards will be reviewed and re-evaluated regularly to ensure relevance and maximum efficiency and are subject to change based on the guidance of the WHO and local health & government authorities.

Should you require any help or have any questions before your stay, do please email us on or call us on 07387 709474.

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